2008.08.28.foto-A.Pozarskis 042


drawing performance for  children.
Duration of the performance is 1 hour.
Premiere was on April 5, 2008.


Painter – Anda Lāce;
Actors – Marta Ančevska or Ilze Āboltiņa,  Kristaps Ķeselis or Kārlis Krūmiņš (lute), – Varis Klausītājs (blockflute);


Professional theatre performance acquainting with the Latvian folklore – stories, beliefs, riddles and folk-songs about wolves. The untraditional scenic design –the artist painting in front of the spectators as well as playing of musical instruments helps to illustrate the text and to animate the children’s imagination. The narrator uses a contemporary and easy-to-perceive language. At the end of each performance children participate in games and partake in the wall painting.


The performance opens with a white, clean room. All of a sudden the painter, the musician, the actress and actor appear and start playing. In front of the young spectators they play with words and language, folk-songs, music, riddles and wonderful drawings, presenting numerous stories about the grey wolf. In less than an hour the walls are covered by colourful drawings that seem to coalesce and move like a cartoon, the room is filled by music and different animals and the children are invited to come to the stage to draw and play with the artists.

A play for those who are not afraid of the wolf!


Stage design: Anda Lāce;

Producer: Varis Klausītājs.

International theatre festival HOMO ALIBI ’08 programme:

SPECIAL OFFER:  The drawing can stay on your wall!


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