Musical dance and drawing performance for 3 to 10 years old children, the length of the performance is 47 minutes. It is created in chamber form and there is no narration.

Dancer Elīna Gaitjukeviča
Musician Rihards Zaļupe

Director Varis Klausītājs
Scenic designer Hiroko Oshima
Choreographer Elīna Gaitjukeviča
Composer Rihards Zaļupe
Costume designer Gerda Zandersone
Light directing Rihards Gulbis


Description of the project:

A girl is reading a poetry book… a butterfly rises from it… and everything starting with the book metamorphoses into butterflies. The world is larger in the eyes of children. For this reason it is important to watch and see, to listen and hear.

The poetry world in the performance is created by movement, drawing, shadows and music. Elīna Breice, choreographer and dancer of contemporary dance, and Rihards Zaļupe, professional musician and composer, are taking part in the project. The dancer and the musician create a live interaction on the stage.

The special scenic design transforms human size drawings into characters of the performance. The sound and the movement as well as the drawings drawn on special paper with water vanish in an instant – just like a flutter of a butterfly’s wings. Poems of Aivars Neibarts’s collection of poems “Taureņkaraļvalstība” (Butterflykingdom) became the inspiration source of the performance. The performance is created in chamber format and there is no narration. The manager of the project and director is Varis Klausītājs.

„…Yet I dare say that the crew has successfully created a professional and artistically superb contemporary piece of art for children of almost every age. Beginning with the conscious age, when the three-year-old comprehends what does theatre and performance mean… The crew apparently has succeeded in grasping the scale in which children create their own fantasy world where you can drive a car you have drawn yourself, find a shelter from imaginary nimbus, create a mysterious world of shadows… and the best part – there are no words necessary to understand each other.” /Dita Eglīte, Dance.lv journalist/

The aim of the project:

Supplement the range of children’s theatre plays;
Enrich the variety of drawing theatre after the drawing theatre performances “Vilks” (The Wolf) and “7 pasakas par Ņukucīti” (7 Tales about Ņukucītis);
Narrate the story in an original mode and let the audience see and hear it;
Elaborate the project to adjust it to festival format and perform it in the whole Latvia and beyond it.

The audience:

The performance is fascinating for children and inspiring for grownups.
The ideal audience is 3 to 10 years old children and everyone who may and wishes to feel like child;
School children,
The children of all ages, nationalities and faith.


Participation in: AACT WorldFest 2014

Baltic Theatre festival 2012  http://draama2012.festival.ee/index_eng.php?id=33

Theatrical award festival “Spēlmaņu nakts 2012” (Latvia)
nomination Best Music Composer For Dramatic Performance.
and award Children And Youth Performance Of The Year

Latvian television broadcast “100 gr of culture” award “1 kilogram of culture” nomination Surprise In Culture http://www.ltv1.lv/lv/konkursi/Balso-par-KILOGRAMU-KULTURAS/


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