7 fairy tales about nukucitis

14650708_790936181047920_44968810829628306_n 7 fairy tales about Ņukucītis (Crumbsy)
drawing performance for  children.
Duration of the performance is 45 minutes.
Premiere was at 5th of december 2009.



The performance is based on fairy-tales by the poet Aivars Neibarts.

Drawing is a process; it is not a picture only.
Drawing takes the leading role in this performance, it belongs to the painter Anda Lāce supplemented by fragments of contemporary dance, soloist Agnese Bordjukova, and the narrator Varis Klausītājs who relates the incidents with Ņukucītis.


This performance implies drawing on vertical sheets of paper put in seven layers. Each fairy-tale by means of one of these sheets winds into the next fairy-tale. The paper is being painted, torn and crumpled and gradually it fills the whole stage.


The artists are the authors of the performance.

Producer:  Varis Klausītājs.

Music: Laima Jansone

Thanks to Ieva Veita and everyone for assistance.



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